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Our mission is to onboard as many new developers to the Lightning Network as possible

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BitcoinDay 2022 Charlotte
Building on Lightning Panel

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Case for micropayments Pitch for Radar Pitch Competition Bitcoin 2019

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We’re always looking to chat anything related to bitcoin or lightning, from ideas to including technical help.

Reach out! @LNPAYco on Twitter or via email at: contact@lnpay.co

Frequently asked questions

The Lightning Network is a very young and new technology built on the Bitcoin network. We are trying to communicate how LNPay is relevant to you as clear as possible.

What is LNURL?

LNURL is a specification that outlines guidelines for services (like LNPay) to interact with wallets (like Wallet of Satoshi, BlueWallet, Breez) to create great user experiences.

What are the fees?

LNPay charges a monthly subscription for the use of the software abstractions. All Lightning Network fees are processed on the Lightning layer - how they are handled varies by integration.

Is LNPay a payment processor?

LNPay provides abstractions that sit on top of your Lightning Network payment processor integration of choice.

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