Lightning Network Solutions

LNPay is a Lightning Network solutions, software, and implementation partner.

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The End-to-End Solution for the Lightning Network

The LNPay Cloud API helps you get started building Lightning Applications. We make it easy to practically build on and extend Lightning Network integrations.

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LNPay for Industry

Easily build for industry-specific use cases. Harness the full power of the Lightning Network without dealing with the protocol level.

for developers

Build on top of the Lightning Network fast and easy

Accounting Layer

LNPay acts as easy account functionality for your application with no need to recreate all of the basic accounting functions required for users to have a Lightning Wallet in your service.

Lightning Address

Add Lightning Address for your users seamlessly into your application.

LNURL protocol made easy

LNURL protocol, keysend, static invoices, we keep up and build it into our API so you don't have to.

Cloud API Docs

Well documented API making Lightning easy.

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Hosted Lightning Nodes

Supercharge your Lightning Network Integration

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